Grain Program

Siouxland Energy Cooperative’s grain program offers a variety of advantages for our producers.

Siouxland prides itself on receiving producer corn at a pace that gets our customers back to the combine or bins quickly. SEC has a 40,000 bushel/hour receiving system that makes it very easy to get customers in and out of the plant. SEC offers multiple marketing options that help our customers stay profitable in these volatile markets.

Contract Options:

  1. Cash Contracts
  2. Basis Contract
  3. HTA Contracts
  4. Premium Offer Contract
  5. Index Pricing Contract
  6. Extended Price Contract

SEC is also excited to have rolled out our own cell phone or tablet app.  This app has our cash bids, futures levels, weather, news, and live camera feeds so you can see if we have any lines for corn receiving or WDG loading. This app also has “eSign” capabilities, so if you sell corn or buy WDG from SEC and need to sign a contract, we can pish that contract out to you over your cell phone or tablet, and you can sign and send it back. No more stamps and mailing contracts back and forth!! The app is free to use.

Producers use our partially automated scaling process, making their time spent from inbound scale to outbound scale roughly 7-10 minutes. A ticket is generated at the outbound corn detailing the delivery's gross and net bushels, moisture, and test weight. This information can also be emailed or received by text message to help keep the producer's records updated.