Becoming a Siouxland Energy Member 


Siouxland Energy Cooperative is a 501 Cooperative that has elected Partnership tax treatment. Siouxland Energy is owned by 392 members (as of 10/1/2022) who are primarily agriculture producers and they supply a significant portion of the plant’s corn supply requirements.

Each member of Siouxland Energy owns 1 voting stock, which gives them the right to have one vote at meetings that are held for the membership. This voting stock is not transferable. Each member also owns a minimum of 10 equity shares that are transferable.


Any correspondence should be directed to:

Siouxland Energy Cooperative
Attn : Leah Holverson
3890 Garfield Ave
Sioux Center, IA 51250
712-722-4904 Ext 206


TRADING EQUITY UNITS (SHARES) in Siouxland Energy Cooperative
Please read the information below and click on the links to learn how to buy & sell equity units in  Siouxland Energy Cooperative.  Siouxland Energy's Equity Units are traded online at Or call FNC Ag Stock, LLC at (701) 780-2828 or toll free at (855) 827-7391 for assistance.                                                           

Transfer Periods 
Equity interest are continuously traded throughout the year and are transferred on a quarterly basis. Transfer dates are:                    

January 1   April 1    July 1     October 1 


Most Recent Share Trade - $800/share January 24 2023

Current offers to Purchase or sell can be found here - FNC Ag Stock LLC


How to Become a Member of Siouxland Energy

Please click on the following links to review a summary of trading rules, policies and requirements to be a member of  Siouxland Energy Cooperative.    

Operational Manual with FNC Ag Stock, LLC - Revised 08/13    
Partnership Interests Transfer System - Revised 08/13
Block Transfer Request Form    
Private Transfer Request Form 

When selling shares, please be sure to sign off the back of your certificates. Click this link below to see how to properly do so.
Signing off Back of Certificates

If you are unable to provide your original certificates you may complete the form below

Affidavit of Lost Certificate - Equity
Affidavit of Lost Certificate - Voting